Three Thoughts

What does it mean to matter?

What does it mean to matter? To be the lynchpin. I want to know how a person becomes important, critical. Now, I work at a small university. It is my first job out of graduate school. It is an excellent job. I am an eLearning Designer for a small university in Michigan. I feel fortunate to have this job. It is the result of my experience, education, a certain amount of fortuitous timing, and a number of wonderful people who have helped by finding or offering opportunities to me. Despite my current circumstances, my thoughts always return to how I will eventually make a big impact. In my organization. In my field. In another field. In a person’s life. I yearn to have a legacy. 

Chasing dreams

Chasing dreams is hard when those dreams are being defined as you live. I wonder at my age exactly what my career will shape up to be. I have numerous ideas about where it could lead and what will make me happy. I can list off potential titles galore. The key to me is finding the space where I make a difference. Where I truly matter. I often wonder if other young professionals grapple with this same question. At what point does a career oriented job become a career? I look at the working professionals around me. Many I look up to. Some I envy. All have a mysteriousness to me. Each successful person arrived there by following a path. A path they walked, and no one else. A comforting thought: each one of these people I am referring to comes from a different field. 

My posts here

My posts here will seem vague and meandering. If you are reading these posts because you are interested in me professionally, then I hope they reflect well. My goal is to hone my ability to think, express and write. Putting these thoughts down, seeing them written, these are the experiences that will continue to shape me as a professional.