Love Like Lacey

I could never do this story justice. The right words are just not mine, but the feeling I get when considering Lacey Holsworth and Adreian Payne’s story, their friendship, is incredible. I want to put a post up so that I can return to the feeling and reconsider this story in the future. Maybe this summer, maybe a year from now.

Every so often sports have the opportunity to transcend the pucks, clocks, whistles, balls, bats, hoops, sticks, clubs, jerseys, helmets, players, coaches and the games and set an example of the power of humanity. This story does it in such a pure way. No politics. No controversy. No question about the meaning. Just authentic caring, understanding, and friendship between humans. 

We all seek to experience life. Finding the moments when we are really living, when we are truly happy and feeling as though we have fulfilled our full identity is important. Lacey’s life was short, the opportunities to find those moments and experience them were few as a result. The fact that she was able to experience something, a concentrated form of the experience many of us seek and experience a number of times throughout life, is beautiful. It is a triumph. It is love. I hope I always remember how amazing this story was.


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